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Stereo video research for Excersize in Immersion 4

Stereo camera

(2 cameras in a single module, on one bus). Advantage: the cameras are not only synchronised, but also precisely aligned and calibrated, have one set of controls (brightness, contrast, gain, exposure ...). Most stereo 3d cameras you find on the net are for stereo microscopy, but some are for telepresence or computer vision.

Point Grey's Bumblebee 2 stereo camera

  • Stereovision products of Point Grey Research: expensive camera's with gratis windows SDKs and applications. Among them - Triclops: a library that uses three sync video streams captured by Point Grey's Digiclops camera or two from Bumblebee or Bumblebee 2 and extracts range values (distance to) for each pixel. The technology is capable of realtime processing on a decent CPU (I couldn't decypher their performance charts though). Multiclops software allows to integrate information from several cameras to a single coordinate system and can use distributed processing to do that. Software comes for free with the cameras. Camera's are expensive (never got the price of their stereo products)

Focus Robotics stereo digital camera

  • Focus Robotics - no way we can fit their solution into a laptop, but they have linux drivers and are well tested with OpenCV. The idea is that they have a PCI or PC/104+ board stereo processor which does depth calculation, including realtime lens undistortion, camera rectification, correspondence searching, and advanced post filtering for error removal. You can then get the undistorted images or depth images. The camera is mono, but you can contact the Focus Robotics for color sensors. (PCI version costs $1500, PC/104+ - $2500). An FPGA development system including nDepth™ vision processor, stereo camera, PCI interface and software is avialble to assist developers who are looking to evaluate the technology and incorporate it in their products.

Videre designs stereo on a chip (STOC) board Videre designs stereo camera with embedded STOC board

Breadboard prototype of a stereo smart cam by Philips and TU Delft

  • Philips researchers and TU Delft are working on a similar board / camera to the one described above, see their report (PDF) about testing the prototype made with two philips smart cams and 3 different processors on a breadboard. The embedded video processing board they used is called FTX.
  • From outdated list of 3d stereo cameras at
    • SC-WA by stereoimaging - discontinued (but may be still possible to buy somewhere?). Not sure what interface: You may use any of the Wireless Video links available, and we have transmitted stereoscopic video through a commercial video conference setup.
    • Vrex Cam-4000 (out of stock) VBS,Y/C interface (what's that?)
  • 3D Image Processing's Black Betty is a hardware solution for stereo calculations at HDTV resolution (1920x1080) at 30 fps for new generation of Autostereo flatscreen TVs. It takes stereo camera video stream and produces an MPEG4 stream with the image and disparity information encoded. Implements the algorithm by Rolf Henkel.

Two "normal" cameras

most industrial cameras have means for synchronisation:

  • auto sync when on the same bus
  • strobe output (start-of-frame signal)
  • trigger input (camera syncs start of frame or shutter opening to the trigger signal)
  • or a combination of the above

See e.g. Datavision (a NL shop with cameras of many manufacturers), Net GmbH Firewire Cameras (a DE shop with cameras from two manufacturers), Point Grey imaging line, Toshiba TELI color CCD cameras, PixeLINK (has CMOS models (cheaper?)), Phoenix1280 (USB 2.0 cameras with strobe/trigger IO), Lumenera (USB 2.0 cameras with some sync IO).

See also: an article on DIY stereo camera from two cheap cameras not intended to be synced by manufacturer

Mono camera with stereo adapter

  • Berezin sells optics adapter for photocameras, none for c-mount lenses of firewire/usb2.0 cameras, but may be the c-mount adapter exists as well?

Nu View camcoder 3d stereo adapter